New WCK Module Enables Threat-based Actionable Intelligence

WCK Threat Intelligence Module Allows Organizations to Integrate Threat Reports with their Ongoing Security Management

Tel Aviv, Israel June 26, 2014


WCK, a leading cyber security risk management vendor providing business visibility of cyber risk, announced today the launch of its new WCK Threat Intelligence Module integrating timely threat intelligence to existing IT Security frameworks and processes.



Organizations today find it difficult to meaningfully connect timely threat intelligence to their existing security processes for uncovering and mitigating vulnerabilities; to activities such as risk assessments, penetration tests and network scans.

The threat and risk practices typically run in parallel, with no mechanism for providing a unified risk posture which incorporates both threat and risk analysis.The new WCK module is able to provide organizations with actionable intelligence relating to the threat landscape. Useful dashboards and reports display the organization’s posture in relation to the latest threat reports, and indicate which mitigation actions could minimize exposure to the most likely threats.





WCK displays your current security resilience posture based on  up-to-date threat intelligence.  Threat data can be integrated from diverse public and private sources, feeds and reports, mapped to the organization’s controls and policies.

“We are pleased that WCK clients can now implement a security model based on threat intelligence, which, in turn, can translate into more accurate remediation.” says Eyal Adar, WCK CEO. “Our new Threat Intelligence Module helps organizations’ react more quickly and accurately to the constantly evolving cyber threat landscape..”


About WCK

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