WCK & ValueSec Cyber Decision Support Tools Nov 2012

WCK is a ValueSec Contributor


Tel Aviv, Israel    November 22, 2012

In the week of November 19th 2012, WCK continued its active contribution to the European Commission ValueSec Project, meeting in Madrid with key project members from Germany, Finland, Norway, Poland  and Spain.  Alon Yavin, WCK’s VP of Research & Development and Professional Services participated in the ValueSec final meeting of 2012.


ValueSec is a European Community funded project for developing a single  framework for policymakers who need to take security-related decisions.  The framework integrates  an economic evaluation with a security risk assessment process.   One of the chief project goals  is to develop a decision support tool  for senior decision makers dealing with security situations such as cyber or terrorist attacks.  The framework and decision-support tool encompass three separate but equally valid and important aspects:  security risk assessment, economic cost-benefit analysis and qualitative criteria such as public opinion, political and social factors.


WCK develops and markets bSRM, an innovative risk and compliance software for managing IT, cyber security and critical infrastructure protection. The solution helps organizations protect their critical business processes by providing crystal-clear visibility of their risk posture, decision support tools, and a prioritized remediation workflow based on business needs. For more information visit www.wck-grc.com