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WCK Industry Solutions


WCK  risk management solutions are relevant for  any industry concerned with cyber security risk that is interested in achieving a unified, business-wise view of its risks.

Industry Blueprints are available which include  best-practice standards, risks, controls, workflows, systems and  processes for different market sectors such as:





  • Healthcare


  • Telecom


  • Government


  • and others.


Finance and Bank Risk Management for IT and Cyber Security

The banking and financial industries are traditionally the strongest market sector for WCK, and make up approximately one third of  WCK’s customer base.  For a case study on how a European-based bank improved its security posture while decreasing its ongoing review and audits costs, go to WCK Banking Case Study.



WCK for  Control Systems and Critical Infrastructure Protection

Industries like energy, oil and gas, utilities, transportation, healthcare and manufacturing systems need to assess and manage risk for both standard IT, as well as specialized systems such as control systems including SCADA, PLC, embedded systems, EID’s, and other operational elements.

WCK GRC Software was designed from the start to seamlessly support the unique needs of risk management in non-standard environments and critical infrastructure, in addition to supporting standard IT systems.


Organizations can holistically manage safety, physical security, OT and IT security functions as part of a comprehensive and integrated risk management process.


There are several reasons why WCK is particularly suited to support the needs of Critical Infrastructure and control systems. These reasons include WCK’s unique asset-based approach which easily supports specialized assets and the software’s dynamic multiple policy support that is based on the asset type, the zones of the asset, and regulatory requirements.


Click on the link WCK for CIP and Non-Standard Systems for a more detailed explanation on how WCK technology is particularly suited for critical infrastructure protection and support of non-standard systems.