Healthcare Risk Management and Privacy Laws Compliance



The  estimated annual cost of cyber-attacks on the healthcare industry is $7 billion in the US alone, and  growing.  And at the same time, HIPPA regulatory fines for privacy violations have reached $2 million for a single organization.

Given these  soaring operational and reputational burdens, health care executives can no longer continue to ‘accept’ cyber risk.  Hospitals and other healthcare organizations can significantly reduce the cost of their cyber incidents and compliance by implementing a risk management solution adapted for the unique needs and regulatory environment in the healthcare market.


WCK proactive Risk and Privacy Management for Healthcare delivers:

  • Unified Cyber Security Risk Management for IT, hospital control-systems and medical devices  via its unique, asset-based approach.
  • Quickest ROI, Speedy Implementation and Ongoing Usage – achieved with WCK Healthcare blueprints and flexible asset-driven policies
  • Business Decision-Support Tools  – focusing on the organization’s crown jewels and  business visibility of technical risk
  • Advanced Risk Analytics –help uncover hidden vulnerabilities and improve the organization’s cyber resilience.


For more detailed information, download the paper on WCK GRC for the Healthcare Industry