The WCK GRC solution offers significant benefits for organizations that cope with security risks and compliance challenges:

Holistic Security Posture Critical Infrastructure Security Risk Management
Security Risks in Business Language Physical Security Risk Management
Efficient Mitigation Workflow Shorter Time to Compliance
Uncover Hidden Vulnerabilities Rapid Time to Value

Holistic Security Posture

WCK GRC Software manages the entire lifecycle of IT, cyber and physical security risk assessment. The platform consists of comprehensive tools and workflows for:

  • Gathering and analyzing findings from reviews and automated sources
  • Assessing risks
  • Improving review processes
  • Prioritizing and tracking mitigations
  • Reporting the overall risk status at any given point in time

WCK GRC simplifies security risk management and compliance. Intelligent aggregation and analysis of findings from various online and offline sources deliver a holistic view of the cyber and IT security status.

User-friendly risk posture visualization, reports and customized dashboards enable security officers and executives to clearly understand the threats and their business implications at a glance. All-inclusive and clear risk presentation promotes knowledgeable decisions regarding remediation activities and security investment priorities.

Security Risks in Business Language

WCK’s unique, business-driven assessment (EESA™ – End-to-End Security Assessment) enables security officers and executives to prioritize remediation activities and security investments based on their business implications. Designed to better align risk management and compliance with business needs, WCK GRC Software offers:

  • Unique classification of business criticality in parameters such as finance, safety, brand, legal and productivity
  • Intelligent consolidation and analysis of technical findings from a variety of online and offline sources, which enable managers to make informed decisions and prioritize their efforts on critical risks that affect the business
  • Analysis of interdependencies between business processes and their supporting IT assets to uncover hidden business threats
  • Executive-friendly dashboards and reports that accurately reflect the organization’s risk exposure and the recommended remediation process in simple business language

Efficient Mitigation Workflow

WCK’s mitigation workflow, management and prioritization promote an efficient and economical remediation process. Comprehensive tools for ongoing improvement process include:

  • Mitigation prioritization based on business implications
  • A top-down root cause analysis
  • Decision support tools
  • Mitigation workflows
  • Online management of mitigation activities and feedbacks

WCK’s cost-effective mitigation management and prioritization promote smarter investments of the company’s resources focusing on business needs.

Uncover Hidden Vulnerabilities

WCK’s Intelligent Risk Engine performs end-to-end analysis of interdependencies among IT components, business processes, threats and controls. By identifying loopholes and uncovering hidden vulnerabilities, this unique analysis uncovers hidden risks and helps block malicious activities before they occur, which reduces the organization’s exposure.

Critical Infrastructure Security Risk Management

WCK GRC was designed to analyze and manage the threats and risks affecting critical infrastructure including embedded systems, SCADA components and other operational elements.  The platform provides holistic security coverage of cyber, physical and embedded system risks for critical infrastructure sectors such as utilities, energy, chemical, oil, gas and transportation.

Physical Security Risk Management

Typically, organizations manage physical security and IT security functions separately. Physical access to critical facilities can pose additional critical security risks that should be managed alongside other security risks. WCK’s holistic security offers integrated risk management that incorporates risk assessment of IT and cyber security, embedded systems and physical security.

Shorter Time to Compliance

WCK GRC  incorporates built-in compliance automation capabilities that streamline compliance and reduce the need for highly priced, skilled manpower. They include:

  • Scheduling and managing audits and reviews
  • Enforcing security strategy by generating objective questionnaires that facilitate fact-based answers rather than knowledgeable interpretations
  • Consolidating requirements and controls between multiple regulations and standards to eliminate repetitive questions and save on the time and cost of compliance
  • Performing gap analysis by  correlating answers and findings

Rapid Time to Value

WCK’s business-driven, cyber and IT security risk management promotes significant time and cost savings as well as a quick return on investment.  Continuous process improvement is achieved via daily monitoring of risks, operations, processes and reviews.

Ongoing implementation time and costs are saved by the:

  • Speedy import of legacy data from reviews and penetration tests
  • Seamless integration with scanners and other complementary tools
  • Automated configurations that save manual labor time and cut assimilation costs
  • Accurate risk posture, which can be presented within days of installation

Flexible and scalable business models are available for medium and large organizations as well as smaller business customers. They include a perpetual license model, an operational leasing (pay-as-you-go) model and a cloud-based (SaaS) offering.